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A quick note: Several people have asked us about the "graininess" of the preview photos. This is a feature of the software we use to discourage people from "stealing" screen shots of the photos. Please be assured the photos you purchase are sharp and clear and free of "grain."

Latest posts: Holy Summer Surf, Batman!! A new set of JUNE surf from 06.03.17 at Wilderness and great set of late May surf: 05.25.17 Wilderness Enjoy!.

If this your first time visiting or your first time ordering photos from us, you might want to start with our FAQ page. It has a wealth of information about navigating the site, ordering photos and what to expect once you place an order.

You can order digital files delivered right to your PayPal e-mail address with just a few clicks of your mouse. Then you can print them, use them for wallpaper, and generally impress your friends. The link to order a photo appears at the top of each individual photo in a set. We offer one size digital file size, the full-size digital file. One size, one price: $15.00, delivered to your email box.

You can still order digital files from older photos. Just visit our "Contact/Order" page and click on the "Buy Now" button.

We are photographers living and working on Puerto Rico's fabulous northwest coast, on the beaches from Isabela to Rincon. We shoot whenever we can and the surf is up. Our photographers are also available for personal surf and portrait shoots. So if you're coming to Puerto Rico to surf or kite surf, contact us to arrange a personal shoot. Details are on the CONTACT page. Or just check back here to see if we caught you on a wave.

The photographs displayed on this site are small, low resolution images to keep download time to a minimum. All prints and CD's are made from the orginal high resolution images

This web site and all it's contents, including all photographs are copyright John Cosby. All rights reserved.

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