Photo of Shacks Beach taken with a Kite Aerial Photography rig

One of the most recognizable photos in American history, George Lawrence's "San Francisco in Ruins," taken after the devastating 1906 earthquake, was taken by camera suspended below a train of kites. (You can read more about this famous photo in this 2006 Invention and Technology magazine article.)

In theory, Kite Aerial Photography is simple: suspend a camera from a kite line and use some method to remotely trigger the shutter. There are many ways to do that and Kite Aerial Photographers (KAPers) keep coming up with new ones. In practice KAP can be quite challenging. Besides the obvious questions of what kite, what camera, how much wind, how to trigger the shutter, there is the simple fact that (except with some very elaborate video transmission rigs) the photographer can't actually see what he/she is photographing. KAPers often paraphrase Forest Gump's mother: "It's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get."

On these pages you see examples of the best of our KAP, taken mostly here on the beautiful northwest coast of Puerto Rico.


Beach, Ocean and Reef, Shacks Beach, January-March, 2007
03.15.07 Shacks Beach
03.15.07 Jobos Beach

03.20.07 Kite Surfing, Shacks Beach
04.15.07 Middles Beach
The karst formations at the edge of Puerto Rico are an other-wordly (lunar? martian?) landscape and are an endlessly fascinating subeject whether from the air or on the ground.

04.14.07 Karst Shacks Beach
At Middles, Montones and Jobos beaches the karst rises in big, sharp formations as much as 50 feet above the water. At Shacks Beach, the karst is at water level or below, depending on the tide level. On this day a really low tide exposed a lot of the karst in interesting textures and patterns.

04.15.07 Reef Shacks Beach
Beyond the karst at Shacks Beach is the reef. This is a world-class snorkeling area.

08.27.07 Kite Surfing, Shacks Beach
10.21.07 Kite Surfing, Shacks Beach

09.28.08 Corona Open Surf Tournament, Middles Beach

04.06.09 Jobos Beach - KAP photos from the Surfers Healing Surf Camp for children with Autism

09.25.10 KAP from Middles Beach and the Corona Pro Surf competition

02.22.10 Recent KAP photos from Playa Montones, Playa Bajura and Playa Shacks.

02.26.12 Kite Surfing and Playa Shacks

03.03-04.12 KAP Kite Surfing competition at Montones

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